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Future Farmers Foundation

The idea behind the Future Farmers Foundation was initiated by Judy Stuart after the first agricultural student was sent abroad in 2007. The Future Farmers Foundation now provide a platform from which young people who are passionate about agriculture and farming in general can become successful commercial farm managers or farmers in their own right.

An apprenticeship system has been put in place to accommodate school leavers who are unable to attend universities, and in all cases these students selected must be passionate about farming and have an excellent work ethic and sense of responsibility. Most of the apprentices come from Zakhe Agricultural College in KwaZulu- Natal.

To start the Future Farmers off on their career path, they are placed on South African farms where they gain experience, starting from the bottom and learning a large variety of skills. After a year or two of practical experience, those who excel in their work can be selected to do a years’ internship overseas via grant funding provided by the Future Farmers Foundation. During this period, each apprentice has a mentor to guide him.

South Africa imported food for the first time last year because so much of our good commercial farming land now lies fallow. Future Farmers is endeavouring to turn this around by producing good young commercial farmers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to gain experience through a year's internship in other parts of the world. Listen to this interview and give us your thoughts?

Part 1

Part 2

To increase the numbers of suitably qualified students, Future Farmer Foundation is looking for farmers in South Africa and abroad to take on their apprentices. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about this initiative. Judy Stuart - 083 555 0082 or Sifiso Ntshinsa 072 812 8094 or Rodney Duma 072 465 6337.